The matrix of Cultivated Co. can be captured in a singular phrase— “We Raised Us”. It is our belief that every creature must have intent, and thus every culture must have a code. Launched in 2014, The Cultivated Clothing Co. exists as an advocate of autonomy, and as an aid to the process of self-actualization. Our label is dedicated to creating gear for the growers. We craft threads cozy enough to hustle in, with dyes keen enough to speak in and styles raw enough for simple intuition.

Cultivated Co. combines these aesthetic principles with practical and versatile utility. The functionality of our products is rooted in a gilded connection to culture, community and human spirit. With designs inspired by mother earth, man’s machines and the ephemeral space in between, founder Ikenna Nwakwesi’s vision manifests itself in sportswear & street fashion for those devoted to growth.